To adhere to our mission of continuously improving the living and managing experience of residents and property managers alike, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new user interface this month. With updates to both the resident interface and property management dashboard, here’s what residents and managers can expect from the latest features and improved interface.

For property managers, quality service begins with streamlined communication. Property managers can keep track of residents’ requests and inquiries through Usewalter’s convenient live chat feature, and email integration. Managers can even create public FAQs to answer general questions from residents. Through a centralized dashboard that ensures proactivity, communication is made simple.

Quality service is also about transparency and accountability. An all-in-one platform enables property managers to optimize their workflow and improve their overall customer service. Through the Statistics Dashboard, managers can get immediate visibility on their buildings’ upcoming responsibilities and overall company performance. The newly designed task management feature enables managers to assign and keep track of building maintenance tasks with staff and improve accountability with residents.

For residents, staying in the know is essential to a community living experience, and having an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to access building news and information guarantees that experience. Apart from efficient and direct communication with property managers via the live chat feature, residents can view and access news, package deliveries, building files, and announcements through the integrated Explore page.

To improve quality service for residents, we’ve added additional features that make tasks more efficient, and residents’ experience more convenient. Through the platform, residents can book and pay for amenities, as well as quickly replace lost keys and FOBs through the Manager Store. Usewalter offers a simplified, modern interface that centralizes everything you need to access resources so that you can enjoy the full experience of living and working in a well-run building that cares about its residential community.