In a post-pandemic world where many people now work and socialize at home, the demands on property managers to meet residential needs have increased dramatically. The priorities for property management are to ensure smooth operations, deliver quality service to residents and increase revenue. And to do all of this successfully, access to data-driven insights is key.

For property managers looking to yield better results and increase productivity, knowing how to leverage data helps to make better, more transparent decisions, minimize redundancies and optimize workflow. But this data also has to be readily available. Using multiple softwares and tools accumulates a lot of data that is difficult to parse across different platforms, from accounting to communications, to keeping track of building maintenance and service requests. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have access to all of this data in one place, so you can make more informed decisions and stay on top of your workload?

This is where Usewalter comes in – by offering a smart building technology SaaS-solution for property managers. Property management companies can manage their buildings and residents across the key areas of communication, Internet of Things (“IoT”) management, commerce, and delivery within multi-residential and commercial properties, all through one easy-to-use platform.

Usewalter centralizes property management tools into a simplified dashboard where property managers can easily access timely insights into all building and resident-related data. This includes the number of new resident reservations and violations, task completion rates, the average response time of communications with residents and a task management feature that keeps track of maintenance work. Property managers can even integrate data from any back-end accounting software so that everything exists on one platform. This saves a lot of time, and reduces the number of tools needed to stay on top of priorities.

For property managers, keeping up with building maintenance and residential services already feels like a full time job, without also having to worry about profit margins. This is why controlling the objectives and outcomes through an all-in-one property management software is so beneficial. By focusing on accurate and real-time data, tasks become easier, services become more efficient, and opportunities for ways to better invest resources become clearer.

Having a platform that centralizes and makes sense of data gives property managers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Usewalter turns actionable data-driven insights into an optimized management workflow – one that will satisfy residents, increase productivity and greatly improve the working lives of property managers.