Whether you’re a property manager overseeing one residence or a company managing several residential and commercial spaces, there are many things to keep track of to ensure residents are satisfied, and properties are well-maintained. And when it comes to staying on top of your workload while also increasing revenue, having a property management software is invaluable. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right software to meet your needs? Here are five key things to consider when choosing a property management software.

Workflow Optimization

Managing several properties means managing routine maintenance, service requests and building staff – all at once. Having all of these tasks together in one place simplifies your day-to-day workload. An efficient property management software should be able to optimize your workflow by offering a variety of features that are easily accessible from an all-in-one platform. Usewalter’s task management feature allows you to create, assign, schedule and manage building tasks and staff, so you can prioritize your workload and manage more effectively.


Communication is key – especially when it comes to managing your relationship with residents. The ideal property management software enables you to communicate more easily with both your staff and residents, and keep track of service requests. Usewalter streamlines communication with email integration and a live chat feature, so you can respond to clients on the same platform through which you communicate with your maintenance team. And with a convenient file sharing and storage feature, you can also upload and send documents easily. Improving your customer service with more effective communication tools directly impacts the quality and productivity of your business.

Software Integration

Another feature to look for when researching property management software is whether you can integrate other software easily, with the goal of having a more convenient and streamlined workflow. Usewalter can be seamlessly integrated with any property management software and IOT device. Moreover, property managers can use the integration feature to sync all building related data from any back-end accounting software into the Usewalter platform. This gives you everything you need to manage your property and keep track of expenses on one platform.


Using any app technology can feel overwhelming if the interface is complicated, or when there are too many technical requirements. This is why it’s crucial to opt for a property management software with a simple onboarding process, and intuitive interface. Usewalter’s platform centralizes all of your management tools and communications onto a single dashboard. Find documents, track packages, chat with residents and assign tasks from an easy-to-use interface.


As with any technology, it’s always nice to test out features and see if a given software aligns with your needs. This is why having access to a demo helps you to make an informed decision on whether a property management software is right for you. Usewalter offers free demos that you can book easily online.

Because here is the bottom line: choosing the right property management software will increase your overall productivity by optimizing your workflow, integrating your tools and other softwares, and facilitating transparent communication with clients.