Our Story

The greatest companies are born out of a need to do something better. The Usewalter story is no different.


Usewalter is a Quebec-based company providing a smart building technology SaaS-solution for property managers and residents in high-density urban environments, delivered through a mobile app and online platform.  Designed as ‘the essential app for modern day living’, Usewalter enables efficient and cost-effective management of a building across the key areas of communication within multi-residential and commercial properties.

Usewalter is positioned to leverage its first-mover advantage to access new markets, secure additional partners and further build revenue momentum.

Since October 2021, Usewalter is part of Hopem. Their expertize is recognized as much in the field of real estate (residential, commercial, retirement homes) as in the field of healthcare management (private and public), food service management (food service and payment processing) and of projects and time management.