The rise of e-commerce has had many drivers, the most pivotal of which has been the ability to access the Internet. With more people using the Internet than ever before, brick -and-mortar stores have seen a decline in traffic as consumers move online. In order to remain competitive, small businesses have been starting to implement innovative e-commerce solutions.

After the covid19 pandemic disrupted the globe, e-commerce catapulted from being just another option for consumers to becoming their method of choice for procuring goods and services. According to Statistics Canada, retail e-commerce sales in the country reached a record $3.9 billion in May 2020, a 99.3% increase over February, and has continued to climb since then. Companies across all industries quickly realized: e-commerce wasn’t just a way to remain competitive – it was the only way to stay in business.

In this e-commerce dominated, work-from-home world we live in, the Usewalter app can provide an elevated living experience by enabling users to order goods and services from the comfort of their own home. Usewalter’s service delivery function aims to connect residents with local service providers to deliver high end in-home services such as housekeeping and personal training. Residents will have everything they need at the tip of their fingers, minimizing the typical pain points of condo-living.

Think of us like your personal digital concierge. Thanks to Usewalter, you can easily access the products and services you need to enhance and streamline your life. Clean your apartment. Get your dry cleaning picked up or dropped off. Sit back while your car gets washed. Arrange to have your dog taken for a walk. Rest easy knowing your packages have been securely delivered and stored. The possibilities are endless…

Now let’s take this idea one step further…

Imagine having everything you need all within a 15 mile radius…We’ll you can stop imagining! Thanks to covid19 the idea of “15 minute cities” are becoming a reality in high density urban areas. People are no longer shopping at mega stores and large grocery chains, but are looking to support and connect with local merchants and small businesses in the area. It’s already begun in big cities like Paris, with others soon to follow suit. According to Carlos Maro, a professor at the University of Paris, “there will never be a return to city life as it was before the coronavirus struck.”

With Usewalter, building can become small communities. Local merchants will have a direct to a consumer platform, creating the ultimate 15 minute city.

Whether you’re a resident, a direct-to-home retailer or a property manager, Usewalter is there to enhance your business. Learn more by visiting today.