Usewalter and Magex Technologies have come together to bring you the ultimate property management tool.

Our mission…

Provide property managers a single integrated platform that combines the tools needed to manage both the financial activities and the day-to-day communications for every single one of your properties. Imagine, every building, every email, every announcement, every service call and every transaction; all managed in one app.

Who is Magex Technologies?

Magex Technologies is a company that designs software for the North American real estate market. One of the company’s standout products is Proprio Expert; a property management software that can handle all your accounting needs. With Proprio Expert, property managers will have the ability to create and sign electronic leases and easily advertise vacant quarters on multiple platforms. The software also provides complete and advanced accounting, detailed income and expense reports as well as integrated government forms and simplified reporting.

Why is this a good match?

The Usewalter and Proprio Expert integration will give Magex customers the ability to manage their properties in one easy to use mobile application and web based platform. Proprio Expert will take care of all the back-end accounting work, while Usewalter will help with communications, task management and delivering an elevated resident experience. Once integrated, Usewalter works seamlessly with Proprio Expert, sharing all of your important building data like rental income, building statistics, payment history, resident profiles and all contact information.

“UseWalter shares the same ideals as Magex,” said Filipe Nunes, CEO, Magex. “We both provide a digital solution that makes condo living easier. We look forward to partnering with UseWalter and enhancing value to our customers.”

The partnership with Magex will further increase UseWalter’s presence in Quebec, which has grown significantly since its acquisition of Walter Innovations Inc. (“Walter”) in July 2020. Since integrating Walter into the business, the Company has enhanced its presence in the multi-residential real estate market through the additions of well-known Montreal-area landmarks and projects.

With Usewalter and Proprio Expert, property managers can access all their data in one place, anytime, anywhere!

The Future…

The new integration with Proprio Expert is just the tip of the iceberg!

By connecting to 3rd party APIs, Usewalter can be seamlessly integrated with any property management software and IOT device.

Property managers can use the integration feature to sync all building related data from any accounting software into the Usewalter platform. The platform’s integration capability ensures that everything you need to run your building will exist in one place. As a property manager you no longer have to worry about double entries, saving you from doing the same work twice.

To our loyal customers…

Usewalter and Magex customers are being offered a special introductory promotional offer. . To learn more about this special offer, contact the Usewalter team at