For far too long, the real estate industry has been slow to embrace new and emerging technologies. But the property-technology revolution is finally underway – and we’re proud to be leading the charge. At Usewalter, we believe property managers and residents deserve more from their real estate experience. That’s why we’ve built a digital concierge and property management platform that caters to both residents and property managers in high-density urban environments. So, whether you’re a resident who wants to track a package or a manager who needs to share a building announcement, our goal is simple: to make your life easier. How do we do that? So glad you asked.

How Usewalter helps property managers

If you manage a residential or office building, Usewalter is designed to help you run and optimize your business. We put everything you need to manage your building in one place, so you can easily keep track of all building-related data, sync your residents’ contact and billing information, connect to back-end accounting software, as well as assign work orders to staff. Our app also improves your ability to communicate with residents, as you can use our chat feature to contact people directly, maintain a calendar to highlight events and broadcast important building news to everyone at once. (Say goodbye to those messy memo boards in your lobby!) In short, we help manage your day-to-day operations and ensure they’re as effective and cost-efficient as can be.

How Usewalter helps building residents

If you’re a resident at a condo or apartment building, Usewalter is dedicated to elevating your residential living experience. With Usewalter, residents can request maintenance work, reserve amenities, access security cameras and track incoming packages (if online shopping is your thing). Do you have something you want to buy or sell? No problem. The Usewalter app also features a digital marketplace for residents, so you don’t need to travel far to make the transaction. We made it ease to have everything you need at the tip of your fingers.

With Usewalter, residents are given a hotel-like experience at home. We’ve teamed up with some incredible partners to provide curated services right to your doorstep. Residents can use our app to book services such as housekeeping, drycleaning and personal training. Ultimately, we’ve created the essential app for modern-day living, so you don’t need to lift a finger. (Well, maybe a finger or two to use the app!)

Why Proptech is set to take off – and how Usewalter fits in

No doubt, the development of property technology like ours, or “proptech” as it’s known in the industry, is in early stages. Recent activity, however, points to an impressive future. In October 2020, billionaire investor Adam Neumann invested $30 million in Alfred Club Inc., a start-up with a digital concierge app for apartment-building residents. While most proptech providers target their services to either residents or property managers, Usewalter offers a solution for both customer segments. As a result, the demand for our smart building technology is growing.

In early January 2021, we raised $4.1 million to fund our company’s continued growth and, later that month, we signed our first U.S. client. Property Management by Design, a premier real estate management company based in Birmingham, Michigan, will provide Usewalter’s app to residents in more than 1,200 new units in 30 buildings across the state. Including our customer base in Canada, we’re now in more than 35,000 homes and poised to expand.

The Usewalter advantage

Simple property management, elevated living and centralized smart-device control; these are the pillars of the Usewalter advantage. As we look to the real estate industry of tomorrow, we’re excited to leverage our advantage, advance the proptech industry and, most importantly, empower property managers and residents alike with the powerful app they need to manage and enjoy life at home.

To learn more about our innovative proptech solution, please visit us at or email us at We look forward to connecting with you!