You’ve probably heard of smart phones, TVs and even fridges, but would it surprise you to learn this technology reaches our homes and condo buildings as well?

The Rise of Smart Home Technology

Smart technology has made the move from your favorite sci-fi movie to your home.

Over the last 5 years, people have been quickly adopting smart technology throughout their homes and offices. According to Business Wire “ The global smart home market size is expected to grow from USD 78.3 billion in 2020 to USD 135.3 billion by 2025.”

With stats like that, it’s easy to see how buildings without smart tech will go the way of the flip phone.

So…. What exactly is a “smart” building?

Simply put, a smart building uses technology to optimize performance and enhance the user experience.

This could mean automating certain processes – such as HVAC or security – or making informed adjustments to help limit a building’s environmental impact. Smart technology also includes smart lockers, remote security cameras or even residential lock software. Smart building technology will give property managers precise data on how the building is being used, which can be converted into insightful decision making —ultimately saving time and money for property managers and tenants alike.

New buildings will already have some form of smart tech built in, so legacy buildings will need to keep pace with these rising operational standards and demands from residents. Additionally, as buildings continue to incorporate a greater number of smart devices into their designs, from thermostats and lights to fridges and airflow systems, residents and property managers will need smart ways to manage them.

Enter Usewalter….

The Usewalter platform will allow property managers to bring their buildings into the 21st century and make a non-smart building…. well…. smart!

By connecting to third party APIs, Usewalter seamlessly integrates with any smart device or software, allowing older buildings to be retrofitted with all the “smart” bells and whistles, so they can start competing with the younger buildings on the block.

How does it work?

Defined by MuleSoft “API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.”

Think of Usewalter as the brain and the building’s smart devices as the limbs. Your brain communicates with your hands telling them to open and close. Now, think of the APIs as your nervous system. Your nerves are the critical links that allow your brain to send the message ”open” or “close” to your hands .

The same thing happens with the front door of your apartment. When you hold your phone to the smart lock at the front door of your building, the Usewalter app uses APIs to send a signal to the door to unlock.

With Usewalter, the possibilities are endless. Through its partnership with Snaile and Locketgo buildings can be retrofitted with smart parcel lockers, saving the hassle of an overstuffed and unorganized mail room. Residents and property managers will also have the ability to access lobby security cameras or create keys for visitors .

Gone are the days, where you will need multiple apps to manage multiple devices…Residents and property managers can access all of a building’s smart solutions through the Usewalter platform.

Simply put…

Usewalter offers an easy and elegant solution to outfit older buildings that lack “smart” infrastructure with the modern tools that are essential for today’s condo and apartment living – at a fraction of the cost of retrofitting or renovation.

Learn how to make your building “smart” at